Who will do a better job editing your book: these lovely ladies, or this sandwich?


You might think the answer could depend on how hungry you are, but keep in mind the sandwich doesn't know the first thing about Oxford Commas.

You and your book deserve great editors, proofreaders, and promoters as a part of your creative team. That’s our mission at Three Point Author Services.

Good news — there are brains behind these beautiful faces. We’re smart. We’re fun and easy to work with. We love helping other writers. And we can’t wait to work with you. Here’s a closer look at the team you’ll be working with.


Michele Chiappetta

Michele is a firm believer in helping people successfully pursue their passions — especially when it comes to writing and sharing their stories and messages. Dedicated to equipping others to produce strong, evocative writing, Michele has years of experience working with writers in many different contexts. She has taught the art of writing to college freshmen for over 20 years, and has been professionally writing, editing, proofreading, and coaching other writers since 2004. She writes and edits both fiction and non-fiction.

Bre Lockhart

Hailing most recently from the very depths of Corporate America, Bre has a background in technical writing and editing. She is a writer of fiction in multiple genres, experienced copy editor, obsessive vacation planner, and self-proclaimed beer snob. Breann loves a challenge and appreciates stories that defy the norm, whether in language, plot, or tone.


Andrea Neil

Andrea is a professional storyteller and author who understands the sense of ownership writers feel for their work. Her goal is to make sure that fellow storytellers present a clear message, and have a positive experience when working with Three Point Author Services. Andrea has copywriting and editing experience, and has taught journaling and creativity workshops. She has published six books and when she's not writing or editing, she's teaching yoga. Or knitting. And most definitely eating chocolate.

We Get You. Let's Do This.