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We think the relationship between editor and author is extremely important. With that said, we may not be the right editor for you and not all projects are a match for us. Before we start on any project, we will ask for a 1000-word (approximate) sample of your manuscript. Using that sample, we will complete an edit of that portion at no cost. That sample will help us recommend the level of editing that will most benefit your story and will also help you determine if we are the right editors for the job.



Editorial Assessment

With an editorial assessment, one of our editors will read through your entire manuscript in order to provide more thorough feedback on a multitude of areas including plot, characterization, pacing, consistency, etc. The assessment will outline the strengths and weaknesses before making recommendations for revision options. Because this type of review can suggest large-scale changes, this should be one of the first steps on the editing path. An editorial assessment does not include line or copy edits.

Cost: Determined on a per project basis.


Developmental Editing

This type of editing is an involved process that aims to help authors flesh out the best story possible. Developmental editing requires the editor and author to work together to examine all elements of the manuscript including phrasing, structure, and style, while also addressing problematic characterization, inconsistencies, plot gaps, and more. Developmental editing is a great option for newer authors that are still fine-tuning their voice and writing skills. Because developmental editing includes lengthy review and frequent communication, we will work with you to develop a plan that addresses your goals and timeframe prior to starting any project.

Cost: Determined on a per project basis.


Line Editing

Editing to address flaws in or opportunities with style, flow, and use of language at the sentence and paragraph level. Line edits are typically completed before copy editing. One pass of line editing may include:

  • Recommendations or minor rewrites to improve clarity or enhance meaning
  • Identification of redundancies and repeated word or phrase usage
  • Suggestions intended to “tighten” sections of dialogue, exposition, etc.
  • Flags for stilted language, tonal shifts, pacing issues, and more
  • Short summary of developmental notes and possible technical issues

Cost: Starting at $.009 per word


Copy Editing

A technical edit intended to address grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style along with internal manuscript consistency. One pass of copy editing may include:

  • Corrections to issues with spelling, hyphenation, numerals, font, and capitalization
  • Corrections on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax
  • Notes regarding factually incorrect statements (especially for non-fiction) that are easily identified. Research for expanded subject matter would incur an additional fee.
  • Tracking of concerns with internal consistency for items including plot, setting, and character description
  • Short summary of developmental notes

Cost: Starting at $.007 per word



A proofread is the final pass of a manuscript after issues with style, flow, and technical aspects have been addressed. This minimal edit should be the last step before publication. One pass of proofreading may include corrections to:

  • Grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other low-level technical errors.
  • Repetitive word usage
  • Sentence structure
  • Short summary of additional identified issues
  • House standard formatting guidelines implemented (if requested)

Cost: Starting at $.005 per word


Editing Packages

Interested in multiple rounds of editing or adding our other services to your editing package? Let’s talk!

Cost: Determined on a per project basis


***Three Point Author Services uses the Chicago Manual of Style and the EFA guidelines for pricing here: