Basic Formatting

We will convert your manuscript from Word or Scrivener files into a professionally formatted e-book and/or print document. Our formatting package includes:

  • A selection of basic pre-set styles for chapter titles, headings, ornamental and page breaks, and page numbers
  • Reviewing your layout for inconsistent formatting issues
  • Ensuring all links to your website, social media, etc., are properly inserted into ebook files
  • Converting your manuscript to e-book (Kindle, iBook, Nook, etc.) and print files
  • Includes one round of minor revisions. Multiple rounds or expanded revisions will incur an additional charge.

Cost: Starting at $75


Expanded Formatting

Expanded formatting provides all of the options from our basic package, but is meant for books with more than thirty chapters, footnotes, specialized formatting needs, custom images for scene breaks or chapter headings, etc. This type of formatting package is commonly needed for non-fiction and memoir. We will work with you to determine cost based on the needs of your individual project.

Cost: Determined on a per project basis


Other Services

Have you thought of something not mentioned in any of the areas of above? Contact us. We might be able to help and if we can’t, we probably know someone who can!

Cost: Determined on a per project basis

We also maintain a list of preferred providers for various services including cover designer and graphic design for branding and websites and are happy to share those vendors with our clients as requested.


***Three Point Author Services uses the Chicago Manual of Style and the EFA guidelines for pricing here: